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Hello !


Another logo I just created, as usual on Illustrator, designed (mainly) for Asus laptops.


Very smooth design, using Apple style, Asus blue color and the first two letters of the logo.

Note it's transparent, so with the black background we can't see the text...


COMMENT please ! :):(


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ahah thanks for comment :)


Yes I always do simple logos, if it's too complicated it's not a logo anymore... I try to do something that can be used as a "official" sticker, like our "Intel Centrino", etc... logos.

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Very nice .I'll put it on my ASUS H110T multi OS computer. It runs Manjaro,macOS Mojave and Windows 10 Home Ed. from three disks and has 8GB RAM.

Thanks I love it as a logo unifying instead of dividing the world of OS and hardware!h2YPcC7_CryOcthRtiLxSrk8oX0SSHE00jJMfWWj

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