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  1. I installed Snow Leopard using EmpireEfi few months ago and it worked. I remember it was very simple, way more simple than those JaS installations. I forgot if I used something like -x, -v or something else. Now, my partition got damaged and I need to install it again. But now, I boot EmpireEfi cd and then using that I boot retail DVD, exactly the same I used before. It passes everything correctly without any problems, but when it should display this: It doesn't. It just get this: It's exactly what I get, and there is mouse pointer, when I move it, it becomes like on picture. I tried waiting but nothing happens. Does anyone know what I should do to install it, maybe I need to type something before installation? BIOS settings are I believe correctly set because I haven't changed them, graphics card is Geforce 8800GTS 640MB and motherboard asus p5w dh deluxe. Please answer this if you know, I really don't know what to do more. Thanks. Wireshark Cookie Dump: OKCancel
  2. First I had iPC version of Leopard some time, I was happy with it, but when I saw I can install retail version of Snow Leopard using EmpireEfi and myhack, I tried that and it worked. I installed it as I remember with no problems. This was few months ago. One day, like 2 weeks ago I turned off my hackintosh and the next day I saw progress bar at the start. It was strange why it appeared but I waited a little bit more, after progress bar dissapears at gray apple boot screen, the computer just turns off. I am not able to fix it, because I also don't know why is that happening. I thought about Disk repair in Disk utility so I tried to boot apple retail dvd with empire efi like I booted it when I first installed it few months ago. Another problem appears... When I booted the DVD (I also tried booting with -x, -v, -f, -x32, cpus=1 etc..) it booted fine, but after boot just gray screen appears with a mouse pointer and it just stops there. I can move it, when I try to move it changes from pointer to loading cursor and again, nothing happens after waiting for 1 hour. I tried to boot iPC again, it boots fine and then I can't move cursor. Now I have 3 problems, trying to fix any of them 2 weeks unsuccessful, everything worked before and I don't know what more I can try to fix that. BIOS settings are ok because I haven't changed them. If someone can help me that would be nice, because I really now don't know what to do. Thanks. Wireshark Cookie Dump: OKCancel
  3. Where to start?

    And if you want to have vanilla or you don't want to have it, there are sometimes notes with DVD what you need to install for it Also try to search for G80 drivers for leopard, I think there were some
  4. boot0: done

    Try to set active XP partition (you can try that with GParted), set up chain0 and try to boot OS X. Maybe boot info got damaged. I had this problem once, everything was working (OS X and WinXp dual boot) but suddenly after restart it gave me this error. I forgot what I did to fix this, but if nothing above works, try to backup your XP partition and format your HDD so after that install XP and OS X or you can try to install OS X alone just for testing
  5. "Use Google"

    I agree with your post, but sometimes there are just members who spam topics with posts like this, but its the best to ignore those posts
  6. Cocoa Tutorial

    Thanks for this tutorial, I will try it soon.
  7. [Wallpaper] Crystal Flow

    Looks simple and nice!
  8. Annoying designs

    I hate complete flash sites or sites with more than half content of flash. I don't like background music too.
  9. Please, review my website

    Me too, It looks like its down
  10. Asus Powered Computer

    It looks clean, simple and nice
  11. drew something ...

    It looks great Yeah, a lot better than I could do too
  12. How do you create........

    I think you need to make 16x16 or 32x32 pixels file (I am not sure what size, 32x32 or 16x16, try both ). After that you need to find *.ico export plugin for photoshop, you can google for it and find it very easy
  13. Are you viewing saved images on another computer? If yes, that could be because your color profile is darker than the computer where are you viewing them.
  14. CS4 patch not working... PLEASE help!

    Trolling (Copied from wikipedia ) An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the intention of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.