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Battery Level At Ma Laptop


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Since Basically the core of OS X is BSD Based, I suppose the battery meter problem happens due to the same reason it happens on linux. I had this very same problem on my Aspire 1694 WLMi running gentoo, and the problem was due to a faulty DSDT on my laptop. The Solution....patch the kernel to support loading of external DSDT's over the initrd boot loader command and load a 3rd party compatible DSDT from acpi.sf.net voila it works! (under gentoo linux for x86)

This apparently is a common problem with some ACPI compatible laptops on linux and usually the best solution is the above, so I believe the best approach would be to somehow integrate this into os x.

I would also be very interested to have this functionality working under osx86 since it's really a pain not being able to know how much battery charge you have left :)

I suppose by the time Apple releases Intel Based Laptops this bug will probably be fixed, but untill then if someone wants to comment on possible solutions or even start a project, I'd be happy to help.



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