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  1. Battery Level At Ma Laptop

    Hello. Since Basically the core of OS X is BSD Based, I suppose the battery meter problem happens due to the same reason it happens on linux. I had this very same problem on my Aspire 1694 WLMi running gentoo, and the problem was due to a faulty DSDT on my laptop. The Solution....patch the kernel to support loading of external DSDT's over the initrd boot loader command and load a 3rd party compatible DSDT from acpi.sf.net voila it works! (under gentoo linux for x86) This apparently is a common problem with some ACPI compatible laptops on linux and usually the best solution is the above, so I believe the best approach would be to somehow integrate this into os x. I would also be very interested to have this functionality working under osx86 since it's really a pain not being able to know how much battery charge you have left I suppose by the time Apple releases Intel Based Laptops this bug will probably be fixed, but untill then if someone wants to comment on possible solutions or even start a project, I'd be happy to help. Yuri
  2. Broadcom 5788 not working

    Welcome to the club m8 I also have one of these 5788 on my aspire 1694 WLMi and no luck so far Apparently there aren't any drivers for this card so far, but there are some posts of ppl suggesting making some generic driver for onboard NIC's (not sure if it's possible, but would be interesting though). What I can suggest if you really need to do have network on os x (I haven't tested this by the way, gonna test it this afternoon) is buying a firewire cable (if you have a firewire connection on your laptop and on another computer) and simply connect them both. Since firewire can be used as a network sharing device I think this is possible, but then again I haven't tested this yet. If someone could take the time to make either a generic NIC driver (.kext) or if not possible just a simple driver for this specific card, I'm sure many users would be thankfull. Update: As a temporary solution I`m able to access my network and the net over a firewire connection so the firewire option is possible, though not very practical. Yuri
  3. HOW TO: Expand the 6 GB image to any size!

    You have to first install darwin to the destination partition then (if you haven't yet done it) install mac os x (probably from the deadmoo image) to another partition, then boot mac os x and either run the amount of commands listed on the site on the first post, or you can use my script which executes those commands, and thus you'll have a bootable volume. Btw, for those who haven't tested the CCC method, I've tested it and it doesn't work on my side. When I try to unlock the cloner I have to type my root password and afterwards, the program crashes Yuri
  4. HOW TO: Expand the 6 GB image to any size!

    Yup Success on this side too. Thanks for the darwin suggestion By the way, I've made a shell script to automatically clone the Partition to the new volume. All you have to do is run it and type the name of the new volume. I'm open to any feedback on it and suggestions on new features to it. Thanks again for the support and keep up the good work everyone. Let's make this thing happen Yuri ditto_clone_1.0.zip
  5. HOW TO: Expand the 6 GB image to any size!

    Mine is running on a laptop and I'm trying with 2 partitions on the same HDD. Somehow while using this command line cloning method the darwin boot sector isn't being copied to the new partition thus, if on grub (Yes it's triple booting xp, gentoo and OS X) I select the root to be the old installation of os x (Through the deadmoo image) I get the darwin boot loader, if I select the root to be the clone partition I get no darwin boot loader
  6. HOW TO: Expand the 6 GB image to any size!

    I've also tried this and unfortunatly am not able to make the new "bigger" partition bootable. If anyone knows how to make it bootable please tell us Thanks Yuri
  7. Just thought i'd bump this one up before it fell into oblivion So does anyone know of any third party kext for this card or similar?
  8. Hello. I've already read that many ppl are having problems with this card and similar cards from Broadcom. What I'd like to know is if there is any Aditional .Kext file or Third Party Driver that can be added to make such a card work under osx86 Thanks Yuri1312
  9. Problem Dual Booting Linux/osx86

    Well actually from what I've tested it's the same thing to have the = or not. I've tested the virtual machine on vmware and it works out gr8 and I've read that people have had success with native installations on the same disk where they have windows or linux. The only thing I believe could somehow cause this is that I'm using a logical partition for osx86 instead of a primary partition, but I'm not sure if it makes a diference. What do you guys think? Update: I've tested changing to a primary partition (/dev/hda3) and redoing the dd process again from the .img file and it still doesn't boot I get the same errors as before using the grub config specified on the above post and this structure. If anyone can help me solve i'd apreciate. Thanks Yuri1312
  10. Hello. I've recently tried installing osx86 on my laptop using the "deadmoo" files and this howto guide, however, I still am unable to boot osx86. I'm using a gentoo 2005.1 installation running GRUB boot loader and this is my current config on grub.conf: title=Mac OS X root (hd0,5) makeactive chainloader +1 I've also tried this title=Mac OS X rootnoverify (hd0,5) savedefault makeactive chainloader +1 and this: title=Mac OS X root (hd0,5) chainloader +1 with the first config I get a "Error12: Invalid Device Requested" with the second config, I get a "Error1: Filename must be either an absolute filename or blocklist" with the third config I get a "Error loading booter" Can anyone please tell me what is wrong, since dd gave me no errors and if I mount the partition everything seems to be ok. Thanks Yuri1312