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Mounting Osx Partition In Vmware Osx Guest Os


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I have been reading allot of posts about trying to get into a native install without a keyboard, or trying to delete directories and edit files. I haven't read about what I have been doing to manipulate my native install files and folder.


Using partitionmagic, I partitioned my existing 40gig drive with winxp as the system/boot partition (hdd1). I gave second partion 15gigs and set it as primary (hdd2) in partitionmagic. Since it's Sunday (stores closed :angry: ) and I didn't have a spare DVD laying around, I went in windows and set up a vmware guest OS for Ubanto Live CD. Restarted the computer in order for changes in drive system to take affect.


Fired up vmware and Ubantu Live CD. I went ahead with the dd thing to make the AF partition on hdd2. Finally, restarted the computer for good measure.


I now have OSX native installed and preceded to do the chain0 as described in the tutorials for a dual quicky. So there is my dual boot without having to burn anything on DVD or CD.


This is where things start to get interesting. I read that if I do this and edit this and that and delete extension, things should work. Well, I am one of those unlucky guys what can't enter the damn password because my PS2 keyboard don't like to play fair. But USB optical mouse works :(. So to make a long story short, I still have the vmware version of tiger-x86 installed in windows. I decided to mount the native OSX partion (hdd2) inside vmware tiger-x86. I can finally do some deleting. editing, and anything else to get this damn keyboard to work.


Sorry for dragging on so long. But I hope this helps someone. If this already posted, I apologize

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