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Quick question before first hackintosh.

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Hi everybody!


i would like to install OSX on my inspiron 1525 (which is already running vista)



i will use a partionning tool to create the HFS+ partion for OSX.

will it be possible to read the files on the Windows partition from the OSX partition? writes?

will it be possible to read the files on the OSX partition from the Windows partition? writes?



i'm not sure about the best bootloader to use:



-darwin bootlaoder



i would like something easy to install and beautiful to use (icons to click or something like that...)

do you have any advise?


thanks you very much! and congratulations for this fantastique website!



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Safest thing to do, if your really worried about it, is to get a second hard drive. On my Hackintosh (without anything installed)I can see and read my Windows hard drive and my vista partition, but i can't write to it. Which is probably best ^_^

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what i understand trough your answer is that it's not possible to access the file in the windows partition. is that right?




'm not planning to use llinus so i won't use GRUB.

i'm mainly hesitating between EasyBCD and darwin bootloader. i will se...

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Acronis is probably the prettiest on that list, however I do not care for it. As long as you don't touch it, it seems to work ok, but as soon as something changes it will either completely stop working, leaving you in need of a way to boot your OS, or simply not work as it should. I personally have stuck with either GRUB or the default darwin boot loader. Both do what they're supposed to without any trouble, although they certainly are not as pretty as boot camp but its all we've got; for now.

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You can read the NTFS partition without installing anything else, that's the best i think, for the loader I recommend you to use Darwin, it's not the prettiest but it sure get the job done, and there is plenty of tutorials on how to make it work to boot Vista and OS X.

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This is my first post, but I have sucessfully installed JaS10.5.4 on my laptop with Vista intsalled already. luckly I had 2 partitons ;) Vista will shrink your volume for you to create a second volume for OSX. I now use Darwin as the bootloader. It just works out of the box ;)


I can read the ntfs partiton from OSX but not the other way round...but Windows has allways been bad at reading Apple disks ;)


I suggest creating a complete backup of Vista first, which is easy with Ultimate or Enterprise as it has it built in.


Good luck.

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thanks for all your answers!

so, thanks to you, i will use darwin bootloader (no need to make it even more difficult with acronis or something else... )


it doesn't really matter if i can't access OSX from windows. ( as long as i can access windows from OSX.... ;) )


i'm planning to do the osx installation tomorrow!

let's see how it works! wish me good luck!

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