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display sleep weird problem

Pink Waters

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my leopard was working flawlessly for about 5 months till today!


first what iam talking about here is the display sleep , not the system sleep!.


the situation is:

the computer display was a sleep, (monitor turned off).. but the system was awake cause i were downloading some stuff.

when i moved the mouse to wake up the monitor, the screen kept flashing on and off, and the led also too..

flashing without displaying the desktop of anything!..


i kept pluging the monitor power cable off and on for about 2 min till the it went on and showed me the desktop!..


afterwards when the display went to sleep again,.. the same thing happened despite when the display turned on i had the desktop without the mouse working, then i repluged the mouse into the USB button to get it back!..


what causes this thing??

it just happened out of the blue!!

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