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I have a little Acer L310 (celeron d processor) that died on my wife in a power outage. It sat around here for a year, after numerous attempts to revive it. Last week, I was cleaning my office, and before pillaging it for parts, I hit the net one last time to see if I could resurrect it. No gory details, but I found an obscure site with some ideas to try.


Cracked it open, did some internal stuff, read some tea leaves...blah,blah,blah. Thing booted up. Now I really didn't have a use for it, so I started reading this forum. I will tell you, after reading many of the posts here, I thought there is no way that this box will work for OSX86. I figured it to be quite a process to get any part of it to work. I am not a computer noob...I have been in IT for about 20 years now as a programmer and manager, and all of my computers (except that damn little acer) were hand built by me except my first 286 machine waaay back in the day. You know, back in the day before the internet. LOL.


Anyhow, I found iAtkos4i and Kalyway 10.5.2 and decided to give it a try. The first iso ready was iAtkos. I popped it in, and gave it a go. Never got to Darwin. Kernel panic right out of the chute. Hit the forums for awhile (with no success), then flipped a few bios settings. Same deal. One more random bios attempt. Success...Darwin starts. Using the guides here at Insanelymac, I walked through the process. The guides had me prepared for a lot of research and investigation into my specific devices and the kexts required to get this thing functioning. Apparently, there was no need. Full install complete, onboard sound is great, USB is fine, wireless picked up during the install and self configured. Amazing. Having the GMA3000 display, I know that my display choices are limited, but it is well sufficient for this new toy.


I will post the exact specs and bios settings to get this box to work in another area of this forum so that others may be able to get this (or other similar boxes) to run this most outstanding platform that you all have worked so hard to make available to all of us.


I guess I just wanted to publicly thank you all for your hard work and your willingness to share it with the rest of us. You are an amazingly talented group of people from all over the world...and the rest of the world appreciates it.

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