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boot stalls at 'Jettisoning Kernel Linker"


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I recently bought a new 500gb sata hdd and want to install leo on it. On this computer i have had leo installed before. I got my iAtkos 4 (10.5.4) install dvd and installed it without a problem. When i boot up for the first time it sticks at the kernel linker line. Its been that way for the past 10 minutes and hasnt done anything.

Previously, my leo install was on an IDE hdd. Idk if that would make it freak out or not...?

Anyway, my setup is as follows:

GA-P35-DS3L Mobo

E6750 core2duo i dont think any other hardware is relevant, is it?

My fist install had the vanilla kernel and ran quite well. I chose the vanilla kernel on this install and it doesnt work. I've switched my sata drive settings in my bios but nothing happened. What should i do?



fixed this somehow. I changed a bunch of {censored} and it booted up.

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