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HP NX9420 to MacBook


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Ok guys hope will find other enthusiasts to refurnish HP NX9420 notebook to MacBook.

Final need is to get a mobile system with dual extended screen running Logic 8 Pro and Pro Tools with firewire sound interface.


Let's GO!!!


HP NX9420


1. Mamaboard


Mobile Intel 915PM Express Based Motherboard (yea, yea, yea chipset is not so new one:) )


2. CPU


sSpec Number: SL9SH Package Type: Micro-FCPGA

CPU Speed: 1.66 GHz Manufacturing Technology: 65 nm

PCG: Core Stepping: B2

Bus Speed: 667 MHz CPUID String: 0X6F6

Bus/Core Ratio: 10 Thermal Design Power: 34W

L2 Cache Size: 2 MB Thermal Specification: 100°C

L2 Cache Speed: 1.66 GHz VID Voltage Range: 1.0375 - 1.30V


3. Brains


2 Gb of DDR-II 667


4. Video

PCI-E Bus ATI x1600 mobile. Vendor ID 1002, PCI ID 71c5.

VGA and S-Video outputs


5. HDD

Serial ATA 80 Gb (5400 rpm seems not so fast but can upgrade) Toshiba


6. Ashtray


DVD-ROM, DVD/CD-RW Combo or DVD+/-RW SuperMulti IDE Double Layer


7. Display


17¨ SWXGA+ 1680x1050.


8. Audio


24-bit HP Premier (HDA). Built in Microphone


9. Ethernet


BroadCom Gigabit (10/100/1000 NIC) PCI Express Ethernet


10. Wi-Fi


Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG, Wi-Fi Broadcom 802.11b/g or 802.11 a/b/g


11. Bluetooth


God knows but it works!


12. Card Reader


6 in 1: SD, MMC, MS, MS Pro, Stick Duo Texas Instruments


12. Ports


USB 2.0 4 ports, FireWire IEEE 1394a Port (4-pin).


13. External LCD Screen Acer AL1916 1280*1024


Acronis OS Selector is insyalled on 80 Gb disk. I can boot to 40Gb WinXP Partition on 40GB Mac OS x86.


I succesfully installed 10.5.2 kalyway Jmicron Patched by Chameleon in dual core enabled mode vanilla kernell and by default got working after installation:

1. Bluetooth

2. Video 1024*768 with ATI X1000 drivers qe/ci enabled as it is written is system profiler

3. Notebook is recognised in system profiler as MacBook Pro 3,1

4. CPU is shown as Core 2 Duo 1.67 Gz , system profiler shows 0 processor and 1 core (what is that??)

5. FireWire seems to be enabled under 400 Mb/s but did not test it

6. USB ports working


I refunirshed kexts on Video, LAN, Sound and it works now:


ATIinject.kext ATI x1600 native mode 1680*1050 qe/ci enabled as it is said in System Profiler, External Display not working

LAN working properly

Sound works on built in Dynamics and no headphones output working


HP1020 USB Printer is working


What I am strugling for now is to oblige ATI x1600 to work on extended mode dual display?

Any ideas on that?

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^^ You said above that qe/ci enabled as stated in System Pofilet but exactly what does that mean? Mines says that qe/ci is also enabled but i'm not sure how to test it. I have problems with opening some jpegs in Preview, however, I can open them on a web browser. Also, the animated Screen Saver does not work. Is that what the function of qe/ci is? So does that mean qe/ci does NOT work?

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