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  1. it is definitely stereo, thanks mate.
  2. That was helpfull. I managed to switch to T8300 now using this dsl. So previous dst.aml caused KP by AppleIntelCPUPM. So after half a day of running applications everything seems smooth and faster. Boot up and shutdowns are faster. One thing left I do not have sensors to check CPU temperature, used temperature monitor and istat and both sofwares can not see CPU sensors. Other sensors are ok. Other benefits are great: silent fan and overall system speed became faster. And even if I load cpu cores within yes >/dev/null loading 100% of cores the fan spins averagely and not noisy. I run spectrometr using mic input on my HP6720s, can anyone please tell me whether mic input is stereo or mono?
  3. Hmmm. I tried installing from a scratch with F.0D bios using your HP 6720s boot disc v0.3 which contains latest dsdt.aml. I used cd burned with HP 6720s boot CD.iso and then installed from 8GB flash stick with SL 10.6 retail. So did not catch what went wrong as I am ok on f...g noisy T5870 but just will try co replace T8300 once again)
  4. Hello guys. I got T8300 CPU to change from T5870 and as soon as I plugged T8300 I got Power Management received emergency overtemp signal. Going to sleep This really suppressed me, seller says T8300 is an engineer CPU item. Can this be buggy CPU? It works fine in WINXP. It shows frequency but does not show model in bios, but everest check is just fine. P.S. Tried reapplying thermal paste but error persists
  5. I just won T8300 processor on ebay bids to upgrade from T5870 and waiting it for a couple weeks. Blackch, do you have stepping and pstates running correctly on your HP6720s with T8300?
  6. Guys, is GMAX3100 discontinued for 64 bit loading? How about 10.5 is there anything new for GMAX3100?
  7. Hello blackosx Appreciate your great work done on hp6720s. Can I use your guides to install your distro on EP45-DS4P mobo? It is almost the same, some details are different only. And I have QUAD Q8200 can you please advice as I am expereinced in hack building but to make process faster need your advice. Cheers mate.
  8. How can I help me with your work done to install SL on my EP45-DS4? Can you please advise maybe other threads or achievements?
  9. MAtes, here just to wish you the best with my HP6720s working like a charm, sleep is awesome and system is stable! I wake up in the morning and just continue working on project. Great work. Gracias!
  10. Hello Guys, sorry me for a little offtop in here but how can I get memory dump when I see deadscreen? It occurs and the system stucks as is. Sometimes no deadscreen. I think I have faulty HDD but I checked its surface with MHDD and it is ok. So I need a sort of utility that dumps memory at crashing moment. Any advices?
  11. Yea I noticed brightens has not worked for me in x_64 mode.
  12. Thank you mate, I got your DSDT loaded with 64 bit! Occasionally I got keypad stopped working and lost brightness control. I think I need compare yours and blackch dsdt to understand why?
  13. Do you use blackch DSDT.aml without personal adjustments? We have similar laptops.
  14. Guys, I have kp in x_64 mode on HP 6720s. When I delete dsdt.aml I get system loaded. What can be the cure?
  15. I am about to install S/L and use 64 bit on EP45-DS4, so have some questions: What are the 3-rd parties kexts necessary to use 64 bit? Can you please list them, is the subject guide followed to 64 bit S/L? Do you use kexts in /Extra/Extensions? Is it stable on? Regards.