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Editing Windows Files From Mac

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Well I have already successfully dual-booted my PC. I have a Windows Vista and Mac OS X combination.


Recently I was editing some system files in Vista and now I can't boot it up properly.


I know what to do to solve the problem, I just have to change back the three .dll files that I changed previously. So I try to change the files back from my Leopard partition, except there seems to be a problem keeping me from editing these files. I am concluding that the Mac operating system is keeping me from editing these files because they are secure.


Now my question is if there is a way to edit the files from my Mac partition. They're located in c:\Windows\system32.


I do have my Windows Vista installation disc in case that's needed or if there are any alternatives to fix my computer that way. And repairing from the disc doesn't work. If there is any way to fix my system from either the installation disc, using the command prompt, or from Leopard, please tell.

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I do now!


And apparently that was exactly what I needed. I installed both and it now allows me to edit the files for Windows, which I've already done. I should be able to boot into Windows now, and I'll add another post to this topic once/if I do.


Hope everything works out.


Thank you SO much for helping me. I can finally get back into Windows again. It may sound cliche but it really is all thanks to you! :)

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