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ATI HD3850/70 , Megadlon FB works (no blue screen)


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For me, MSI 3850 PCIe card, only Megadlon FB and Triakis FB working, not default Lamna.

Default means in using Natit (which has an link to the Lamna FB) gives KP or blue screen (depends on Natit code version).

Triakis and Megadlon FBs (today tested) are working (no bluescreeen, no KP) using gfxstring (EFI or chameleon needed)

I used EFISTUDIO to generate first the readable (XML) text for 3800 , then changed all Lamna (also LamnaParent) to Trikis / TriakisParent or Mega.... / Mega..Parent . (Be careful, there are a lot of replacements of Lamna to ... )

For sure i copied the edited xml (in the upper text window) to clipboard, erased the xml window and the hex window, then copied back the edited xml (changed lamnas ...) to upper window and used the now fresh hex (down window) for my device-properties hex gfxstring in the known boot .plist.

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Hello Friend


I have the same problem with the same card

Can you give me step by step instructions.

I would try to start with -x (Save Mode) as kernel flag - press F8 to get the bootloader screen early at boot.

Then start EFISTUDIO and select your card.

You will see an readable .plst text in the EFISTUDIO window.

Edit that thex now and replace all Lamna with Megadlon for YOUR card id part (in text part of your card!)

Dont forget to replace also the LamnaParent to Meg...parent !!!

After you replaced it, verify if you replaced all Lamna (only in the part of your card, for example no need to replace in part 2600XT part!!!).

If all OK, use the button make efistring in boot.plist.

Now check if you have any NATIT or NVCRUSH.kext (both gpu injectors!) installed - remove them and remove extensions.mkext also!

Then reboot.

be sure you have already the latest OpenGL framework and ATI drivers installed. (10.5.5). Older drivers may not have megadlon FB !! Megadon is within the ATINDRV.KEXT as an plugin.

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I got your edited EFIsting from http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=125595


Works great


But i have 256 mb of vram system profiler show 512 mb of vram

So than you have to edit the string in the EFISTDUDIO before saving the changed to boot.plist.

Look in YOUR!!! GPU type part of the readable text from some VRAM value and change to 256 (if there are 512).

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