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Logitech Control Center and application keybindings.

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I have a Logitech MX-1000 that I'm using with my Hackintosh. To get Back/Forward working, I had to install the Logitech Control Center. That's fine.




When I want to play WoW, I have to go kill LCC because the way LCC works messes everything up. It seems that scroll up on the wheel is always reporting as being pressed (which I *know* it's not, and it works fine in all other apps), and the Back/Forward buttons don't work.


Now, my question is: In Windows, I can set up LCC to do/not do certain things (read: button bindings) based on what app I have running. Is there any way to do the same in OS X, or am I going to be stuck 'kill -9'ing LCCDaemon everytime I want to play WoW?

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