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Triple Boot Vista OSX Ubuntu x64

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ok so i have my system set up right now as a dual boot osx and vista installed. using Darwin as the bootloader. OSx is Default right now, i would like to change that to vista default, vista is on my first partition disk0s1, osx is the second disk0s2.



this is the guide i used to install the dual boot



now to the question...


i have a dual boot setup i would like to install ubuntu 8.1 (which comes out tomorrow) making it a triple boot. i cant find a guide that will install the the different OS's using Darwin. anyJuan know how to do this? i dont mind installing everything again.


or how to set up my current Darwin boot loader to vista default? i tried the "rd=disk0s1" but i get a painc and can't load back into osx to fix it, i fix it under windows.





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