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  1. how can i add something like this at boot? http://www.askdavetaylor.com/0-blog-pics/a...amp-photo10.png i know that is is the BootCamp from OSX
  2. how do i get the boot drives to look like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSvVDj5IHSQ
  3. Is there a way to change my mac's serial #?

    Is there any new updates? So this cannot be be done on a MBP that is retail, only the ones that have come back from service without a serial # right? Thanks
  4. Dell Vostro 1510

    I have been out of this for a long time now.... Sorry I Plan to get back into it in the upcoming days. when you updated to 10.5.7 did anything get fixed? Trackpad does work the Two Finger scroll I had it working before. I will get back to you guys with this and anything I can fix. thanks
  5. dell Vostro 1510 Retail Installation

    havent been at it how can i get it done ? boot132 how do i add the .kext? for booting. which ones do i add? thanks
  6. I am Letting Ubuntu mount it i just double click it and it gets mounted. i just want to backup my Home folder. when i do it does not let me b/c i do not have enough permissions to copy or modify. thanks ps whats with the command, what does it do?
  7. i have a Black MacBook and recentlly i got an I/O error. now i cant boot into it after reading around for a while i learned that there is no way of fixing it. the only thing that can do is to backup and reinstall OSX with zeroing (0) out everything. so how can i backup everything? when under Ubuntu the HFS+ mounts but i cant copy anything because of permissions. How can i Remove the permissions and save all the Data? planning on backing up on external hard drive. thanks.
  8. any suggestions? 38 views 0 replies anything?
  9. CardBus/PCMCIA PC Cards for Leopard

    hey guys great work can some one add the "O2Micro OZH24" or tell me how to get it working? thanks
  10. ok so i have my system set up right now as a dual boot osx and vista installed. using Darwin as the bootloader. OSx is Default right now, i would like to change that to vista default, vista is on my first partition disk0s1, osx is the second disk0s2. http://www.macgeekblog.com/blog/archive/20...bootloader.html this is the guide i used to install the dual boot now to the question... i have a dual boot setup i would like to install ubuntu 8.1 (which comes out tomorrow) making it a triple boot. i cant find a guide that will install the the different OS's using Darwin. anyJuan know how to do this? i dont mind installing everything again. or how to set up my current Darwin boot loader to vista default? i tried the "rd=disk0s1" but i get a painc and can't load back into osx to fix it, i fix it under windows. thanks
  11. if you can get into windows download MacDrive so that you can see your osx drive. then go to where the the boot.plist is at and replace it /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ right click then edit with wordPad (under windows) whats above is what i have on mine. this happened to me too and this was the only way i found i could fix this ill attach my boot.plist CHANGE THE EXTENTION TO .plist TAKE THE TXT OFF i have it set to 2sec to load into osx change the 2 in "<string>2</string>" to a different Number (8 is default) hope this helps com.apple.Boot.plist.txt
  12. hey guys nice work i used this installer trying to fix the sleep, but ended up messing up the my other stuff how can i uninstall it? i know it backed up all the .kext thanx
  13. sorry for the double post is there a way of getting a dmg instead of a .toast? i was planning to use an external USB hard drive. i had the dmg of leopard and used the restore within the disk utility i have googled around and haven't found a converter from toast to dmg
  14. AppleHDA ALC268 Shutdown Issues [SOLVED!]

    any1 have the file? if so put it up on mediafire thanks
  15. hey guys im going to try this out and will get back to you guys how it goes i have the retail image of leopard 10.5.4, i was trying to boot it with boot123 but there was an error on the disk. i did a restore on an external hard dirve with the dmg of leopard image, it loads but the screen is blurry all scrambled up How can i fix this? is there a way of incorporating drivers? .kext? i have the GMA X3100 thanks