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interesting xbench scores, hackintosh not using my full clock speed?


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The first pic is my cpu for the hackintosh, the second is my macbook pro


the hackintosh has a 2.4 ghz quad core with 4gb of ram


the macbook pro has a 2.4 dual core with 2gb of ram.


so I ask you....wtf? I don't know what happened. I used to run logic and the samples for superior 2 loaded super fast and it was awesome, I changed nothing and it went really slow all of a sudden. These xbench scores show something is wrong I guess.


It reads my processor as a 1.6 ghz unknown, and even though I updated to 10.5.4 with the kalyway updaters, then the apple update, it still says I have 10.5.1


Despite all this, The only thing I changed was I turned off ahci mode, could this have messed anything up? My windows harddrive won't work with it I don't think...



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What is your build / bios settings?


I had slow xbench results, didn't have ahci turned on, fixed it, just about doubled the xbench results (from 100 to 180 overall). I know thermal management drivers in leopard can force your system to run slower, if those are enabled in your BIOS and you feel comfortable with the build and maybe turn it off. I would make sure speedstep is turned off too.


I built using Kalyway and Iatkos and recently used DFE then went to INSTAHakintosh, which was by far the best way to build a DVD imo (requires a full retail leopard, but you ought to buy it and support Apple if you are using it anyway).

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