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X1900 Died What To Get?

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My PCI-E X1900GT has just died. I have an X800 lying around, that I am going to use as an interim card. However, I am looking at spending no more than $200 on a new card. I mainly work in Adobe Creative suite, most of my design is 2D. I just purchased CS4 and I am excited about using the GPU to process large images.

I am looking at the 3870 mac & PC edition, would I have to install drivers to get this card to work, or will OSX86 recognize it as native since it is a mac card? If it works native, with no graphic strings or drivers I think I may be done. Any one have any info?

How is the support with the 9800GTX/9800GTX+? I see folks have it working, but I have not seen too much discussion of how well it works.

The 9800GTX+ is the same price as the 3870 and from what I can tell way more performance. It just seems that I will have to put in a little more work to get it going. Any thoughts as to what I should do? This will be going on my P5K-VM board, with an E8500, and 4GB of RAM (8 to come soon).

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