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ACPI and model name issue/question

Morphius Faydal

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I just installed iATKOS v4.1i on my system, and it's gone perfectly. 10.5.5 installed from Software Update without any trouble.


Only two things bother me... When I try to shut down or reboot, my system turns off, but it's not *actually* turning off. I can tell the OS is done, and my monitor goes into standby, but the CPU and PSU are still running. How do I fix this? Can y'all point the way for a neophite in the ways of Hackintosh?


My other thing is much more cosmetic than actually important. In the System Profiler, it lists my system name/model/whatever as "P35-DS3L"... My mobo model. I'd ideally like to change this to say "iMac" or "Mac Pro" or something similar. Actually; along those lines, does OS X have anything similar to a hostname? If so, where do I set it?


Here's a picture to show what I'm talking about on the model name thing:



TIA y'all.



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