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[video] AE911Truth Euro Tour & 2008 BluePrint for Truth Trailer


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Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth has over 500 members all of whom are degreed professionals including almost 100 licensed structural engineers. I am one of them.




This is the trailer for the 2008 Research Edition of the AE911Truth video lecture by founder Richard Gage, AIA, titled "9/11: Blueprint for Truth."



The full movie which describes the overwhelming evidence for controlled demolition of the World Trade Center twin towers and Building 7 is viewable at the AE911Truth website:






Richard Gage will on a lecture tour of Europe in November starting with London on Nov. 6:



Madrid on Nov. 7:



Other European cities and dates that Richard Gage will be speaking at are listed here:










To sum this up, there is no doubt the 9/11 was an Inside Job. ZERO.


And US government officials are lying their a$$es off:







If you do not understand this, you are either:


( a ) uninformed, :P


( b ) a moron (who sniffs boogers), :)




( c ) in denial. :angry:





In you are merely uniformed, perhaps it is time to wake up to the facts. Consider watching one of the best documentaries: "Zero: an investigation into 9/11":






Take the "Red Pill":







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The problem is...what can be done?


I agree that the US Government story is bollocks, but how do you tell the story when no one (namely the mainstream media) will listen?

And how do you tell a government to investigate something that they will just sweep under the carpet...

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