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Vista/Leopard Dualboot with rEFIt?

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Well I successfully installed iatkos Leopard on partition 1 and Vista on partition 2.

Now my only "problem" is that i don't like the bootmanager much;

I have only 5sec to choose Vista or it starts up Leopard and I don't like the text layout.

I want something more visual with icons...just like the rEFIt screen.


When I installed rEFIt everythng seemed to go smoothly but when I did a reboot nothing happend.

I mean, I got the normal bootmanager with the 5sec - and then it just started Leopard.

So, Am I missing something? I read something about "bootcamp"- do I have to install this too?

Or do I have to delect a folder with the old bootmanager??



Partition Inspector gave me this:


*** Report for internal hard disk ***


Current GPT partition table:

No GPT partition table present!


Current MBR partition table:

# A Start LBA End LBA Type

1 * 63 124246772 af Mac OS X HFS+

2 124262775 234436544 07 NTFS/HPFS


MBR contents:

Boot Code: Unknown, but bootable


Partition at LBA 63:

Boot Code: Unknown, but bootable

File System: HFS Extended (HFS+)

Listed in MBR as partition 1, type af Mac OS X HFS+, active


Partition at LBA 124262775:

Boot Code: Windows BOOTMGR (Vista)

File System: NTFS

Listed in MBR as partition 2, type 07 NTFS/HPFS




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