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Xcode "Application quit unexpectedly"


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Hi all,


(first, sorry for my english if bad)


I'm moving this subject from this thread, since i realised the problem is not the one discussed there.


After buying my iPhone 3G i've been hours reading this forum looking for a stable way to run Leopard 10.5.4 on vmware so i could install the iPhone SDK. I've gone through several problems, but finally managed to get Leopard 10.5.5 running on vmware workstation 6.5 and installed iPhone SDK 2.1 with no problems..


It would be cool... but when I try to run Xcode, i get the error message "the application Xcode quit unexpectedly"


What happens:


- Dashcode -> Working

- Instruments -> Working

- Interface Builder -> Working

- Quartz composer -> I don't have the right graphics card ("Quartz composer requires an Nvidia GeForce2, GeForce3..[]..A minimmun of 16mb VRAM is required")


- Xcode -> "Application quit unexpectedly"


Could the Xcode error be caused by the graphics card too?


So I can do whatever i want with my new Leopard, except from developing, which is the only thing i wanted...


Any suggestions?


I'm on a Dell Inspiron 9400 Labtop

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Hi MigGat!


I know you wrote this thread long ago ... but ... I would like to ask you if you could solve your problem on running XCode over Leopard 10.5.5 inside VMware?


I'm getting EXACTLY the same problem and I would apreciate if you could help me out ... ;)


* if you couldn't solve it ... have you done something else to change your way? (like using another OS X version or another VMWare version?)



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