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8800GTS and OS X

Mr Mylan Man

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Hey all,


I installed OS X onto a VMware virtual machine and it's working pretty close to perfect, only one small problem I can think of.


I don't think that the video card is being detected correctly (maybe I picked the wrong drivers at install, I don't know). Reason I say this is because the only resolution I have available is 1024x768, and my monitor is 1680x1050. Also, the rendering on animations is real choppy and bad.


I have a badass computer, specs are as follows:


Intel Q9300 2.5GHz Core 2 Quad

Intel G35 Micro ATX motherboard

nVidia 8800GTS video card


The rest I don't think is important, seeing as how it is VMware. I allocated 4GB to OS X in RAM.


When installing I picked the 512MB nVidia driver option. Was that not a good choice?


Thanks for any help!

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Ah really? I was hoping that would not be the case.... but I guess it is then.


I found it in system profiler it says I have a 128MB PCI-bus video card with no kernel extension loaded.


I installed it to a virtual disk in VMware.


I just assumed that since Windows installs in VMware seemed to go smooth this would too. That's kind of disappointing.


Is there a way to change the resolution?

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