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Compatibility/stability? Update?


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I was totally confused in my first post, sorry, here is correction:


1. I am not hack-guy so to be sure I am asking are hardware on 10.5.2 list works fine as said, also when updated latter to 10.5.4 and 5?


2. I was searching but could not finding what it means when says: EFI v8 works (and vanilla not mentioned) and for some other mbo's both are o.k. ? What are the issues here?


3. Is there any preferences between Intel vs. AMD processors in the same range?


Well, I am not use to hack things so I'm a bit confused as I have to make choice to buy hardware for my first hackintosh. I think I'll go for some easy going Asus or Gygabite mbo (maybe s. 775) that is stable and easy for install/update, and also with working sleep mode.

If not mentioned otherwise it means sleep is workin also, right?

Any suggestion from experience is welcome!


Thanks! :P

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