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  1. Problem pinpointing

    Wrong subforum?
  2. Hello, so my 10.6.6. build is having kernel panic attacks and i have no idea what is causing them. Basically it went down like this. Worked flawlessly then all of a sudden gray restart screen aka kernel panic. 1. Had trouble getting in the bios after that - managed to enter, flashed bios to latest version (from F8 to F10b) 2. Can go into the system but uptime only lasts for 3-15 mins or so. 3. Backtrack linux live boot hangs too after about an hour or so. Well it does not really hang, if i kill console and start a new window it's working. 4. I have replaced PSU with a brand new one. No improvements. 5. 8800 GT (point of view) feels hot to the touch. Backtrack lm-sensors reported 67 celsius. 6. How to tell if its mobo or cpu causing the problem? Which component is more likely to be blamed? How do i confirm/refute mobo or cpu (if one of them is the cause)? I am pretty positive the problem is of a hardware nature, otherwise backtrack linux and hackintosh wouldn't have hung on me. Any new idea/input/tip is much appreciated. Please help, i am so much in the dark here ...
  3. I used tonymac [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and followed his procedure. Nailed it on 2nd try, wasn't really that complicated. Used the dstd autopatcher for dstd.aml compiling.
  4. OK, all the people with EP45-DS3, what board did you select when creating iso? Also, what method were you following. I really hate it, google and everony (kakewalk.se forums too). Guy asks for ep45-ds3 bla bla, then comes back and says he did it but doesn't tell how. Really frustrating, so please is there any 1st hand info on this board?
  5. GA-EP45-DS3 (ALC889a) sound

    Try the method i used for the sound on 10.5.x install described in my sig. I remember it was a pain in the .. tried several methods before i got it to work. EP45-DS3 really seems scarce around here not many people use it. Also, how did you install your 10.6.? Kakewalk does not list the support for this mobo so what method did you use?
  6. @blackosx EP45-DS3 user here. Do you think BIOS update is necessary (i am on F8 atm) for this install to be successful? I am thinking of buying new HDD and just install it there and keep my current rock solid 10.5.6 build, but i have no idea whether it's going to boot on F10 revision. A bit unfair of me to post questions since i havent done my homework yet (read this thread entirely) and i know from previous experience that 99% of the problems occurring are likely already solved or have other work-around solution equal to the general fix of the problem.
  7. Has anyone tried lifehackers guide with ep45-ds3? I was googling for diferences between the ep45-ud3p and ep45-ds3 but apart from gigabyte's official site not much comes up. Is this guide strictly for the UD3P board? Apart from raid, firewire and 3 sATA slots the boards appear to be similar (chipset, audio, ethernet ...).
  8. 10.5.6 CPU and reboot.

    How did you install the kext? With kext helper or you just dragged it into /Extensions/? Did you have to chown it? I would really appreciate more info. Thanks!
  9. Mouse lagger here. 10.5.6 using netkas method. QT v. 7.6 (472); My GPU = Point of View 8800GT 512 (G92), rest of specs in sig For the record, this is my first hack build, been browsing here for 8+ hrs (started with kaly 10.5.2 [3 times] ended up in this thread, pretty much all day long). Has anyone tried replacing the NVDA50Hal.kext? What/where do i have to go to obtain this kext? Did you use kext helper to install it or you just drag&dropped it to /Extensions/? If so, what were results? I checked the extensions folder but i do not have that kext in it. Eh, i feel a little bit down, after a long day i really didnt expect mouse lagging :/ Whoever has some input, please be specific and clear with instructions on how to do it. I really dont want to lose this over mouse lag. I have created extesions backup after successful update to 10.5.6 but still it would be a pain the lower back if i had to do some restoring and it would kill the very last bit of enthusiasm left in me.
  10. Well, yea, im in the process, still experimenting tho. I tried with iDeneb 10.5.5 with sound patch (googled alc889a 10.5.4) and i had a working sound but no QE/CI working on my 8800GT 512. I used NVinstallerv52.pkg but coudlnt get it to work. Resolution change yes, QE supported no. Now im back on Kaly 10.5.4 with this guide again and googling/trying to get it to 10.5.5 and fix audio then. BTW good deal on that 8800, i too went to "older" 8800GT model instead of newer nvidia cards solely on the basis of mac osx project and overall good compatibility. EDIT: Am at 10.5.6 still no sound tho. Looks stable, shutdown/reboot works, sleep does not (used to wake with powr button now does not work)
  11. Thank you, weaksauce. I am probaly the biggest noob on this board and your guide made it work for me (still no audio tho im working on it). Anyways was going to ask if anyone successfully upgraded to 10.5.5 using kalyway 10.5.2 and then 10.5.4 delta?
  12. Has anyone been using scrib.com guide written for EP35-DS3L with EP45-DS3 ? How much of a difference is there between the two boards considering OSx installation? EP35-DS3, EP45-DS3 and EP45-DS3R seem pretty much to be virtually same motherboards according to specs from gigabyte site. Anyway bumped on some problems with my EP45-DS3 hopefully will get it working.
  13. EP45-DS3 owner here My config: E5200 8800GT 512 4 GB ddr2 800MHz WD 640 GB sata II Have working 10.5.4 kalyway combo updates. i still can not get the sound to work tho. tried with multiple alc889a guides but no luck. maybe im doing it wrong.
  14. When downloading the newest bios from the Asus site it asked me what kind of OS do i have. I have selected "Others" and started downloading newest bios (2801). Is selection of the OS (since i plan to run OS X) ok or should i selected something else? Does it really matter or is this insignificant? Using "EZ Flash" it constantly uses the word "floppy". Can you run this update on usb key or do i need 3.5" floppy disk connected to the motherboard? Anything else i should pay attention to?
  15. Took the board to the dealer and he took it in under warranty after my desc. of a problem. I might just wait and see what is going to happen next. Going to give about a week or so after that i am moving to new mobo. Thanks, Ritz and bigpoppa. If i ever encounter this kind of problems i am going to give it shot. Somehow i doubt that even your suggestions might bring it to life but you never know. Will report later on what is happening and post some pics lol. My room is such a mess right now.