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No Wake from Sleep, just Beachball and distorted Display


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I have a sleep issue with my Vanilla 10.5.5 on a GA-EP45-DS3 with a Geforce 7600GT. The System goes to Sleep (S3) nicely, but when it is waken up, i get a distorted Display (like looking through glass) and the HD seems to be "gone" - i can move the Mouse cursor, but all i get is a spinning beachball :P

When it wakes up, i hear the Harddisk spinning up, but it spins down again. Its a Samsung HD103J, all Drives are SATA, BIOS set to AHCI.


Has anyone a idea what might cause that?


These are my Boot132 kexts:










I also tried with and without patched AppleACPI, with and without openhaltreboot.kext

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I fixed the "garbled" Screen after Wakeup by connecting the DVI Cable to the other Port of my Graphics Card. But the Harddisk still doesn't power up after sleep resulting in spinning Beachball of Death ;)

I installed the EFI Bootloader on the Harddisk itself now, i don't boot from USB Stick anymore, but it still happens.


Does anyone have a hint how i can fix the harddisk powerup issue?

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