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  1. Even with "-DisableSleepProxyClient" in the mDNSResponder plist?
  2. Nice to see mDNSResponder coming back Anyone knows if we still need the -DisableSleepProxyClient option to prevent the wake every two hours?
  3. Fine Thanks for testing. So i can update to Yosemite now
  4. So, the 2-hourly wake seems to be fixed since 10.10.2 Can anyone test if Wake-on-Lan is still possible? I need Wake-On-Lan but don't want that 2 hourly wake. If it doesn't work i need to stay at Mavericks. How is the behaviour when "wake for administrative Network access" is activated? We have the 2 hourly wake back again?
  5. OK, so CMOS Reset is back with 10.9.3, as the AppleRTC kext changed. Do i need a new patch?
  6. Clover General discussion

    I tried out Clover and found it to be a good bootloader I managed to get my system running from a USB stick with clover on it, even with a patched DSDT. But i have a problem which really is a showstopper: when i boot with clover, sleep/wake isn't working anymore (it does with chameleon). If i put the system to sleep, it is like the computer is shut down. I can't wake the system via keyboard, if i push the power button, the computer does a complete powercycle, like it has been turned off instead of sleep. My Board has a plain BIOS, no UEFI Bios. Any ideas?
  7. Correct. I made a USB Stick with Clover Bootloader and updating my iLife Apps just worked fine. I am thinking of switching to Clover, i had iMessage problems a while ago which were related to Chameleon too and were fixed by using Clover. Time to move to Clover i think
  8. Success - OLD SCHOOL GA-EP45-UD3P

    Two Issues that i have: - sleep no longer works, just the display turns off, computer does not sleep - i am unable to update my iLife products (MacAppstore claims that iPhoto has been bought with another appleID) Do is still have to use GraphicsEnabler=yes in boot config? EDIT2: Updating iLife Apps is ONLY possible by using Clover Bootloader. OMG, took me six hours to get Mavericks up and running like it should EDIT: Sleep works again after doing a "sudo pmset hibernatemode 0"
  9. @ kenny Your Solution worked for Pages, Numbers and iPhoto, but not for iMovie, as it requires OpenCL Acceleration. This seems to be a bootloader problem again, like with the iMessage problems. Is there a better solution to fix it on the real system, not via VMWare?
  10. CMOS Resets by AppleRTC.kext

    Anyone has experience with AppleRTC.kext and OS X Mavericks? Does it still cause CMOS Resets? Do we still need patching?
  11. Is it possible to just update the nvidia kexts on a normal 10.8.2 by using this new update and pacifist? Anyone tried it?
  12. I have my system perfectly running except for one thing: when i forget to unmount and remove a USB Stick before i put the system to sleep, the computer powers off when i try to put the system to sleep. It is almost "instant power off" when i try to sleep the system, even no sleep-image is written to the harddrive. I am using ML, but it happened with Lion also. For now, i am using Applescript and sleepwatcher to unmount USB Drives prior to sleep. But i would like to apply a proper fix via DSDT or whatever would be needed. As the system immediately powers off, i have no log-entries or kernel messages Any Ideas what that might be?
  13. CMOS Resets by AppleRTC.kext

    @rayap after reading another thread about ML install, i am a bit confused. Can i copy the AppleRTC.kext to /Extra/Extensions, patch it and keep it there or do i need to copy the patched AppleRTC.kext back to /System/Extensions? I would like to keep the unpatched kext in /System/Extensions Under Lion, the patched kext is loaded from /Extra/Extensions and that worked good.