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Belkin Wireless G PCI Card


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Is it compatible? Thinking about trying to get OSX on my AMD 4600+ Dual Core. Thing is, storm hit my onboard Eth controller and now my deskpot is a good ways away from my router.


I bought a wireless g belkin pci card from walmart and threw it in there. Is there any chance I can get it working if I DO try to hack OSX on here? I've currently got Linux/Vista dual booting, but would rather format the Linux partition and put OSX in place of it.


I forgot to add, it's a F5D7000 Atheros Chipset


If it is going to be a hassle, if you could just recommend a cheap replacement that may even pick up better reception just let me know. Gonna continue searching.


I'm really really really wanting to get OSX functioning on this AMD PC with my Nvidia 6150 LE

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