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  1. manofmany

    Gateway SX2800-07 100% running!

    Which bootloaders have you tried? Can't imagine Chimera not working. Really not 100% until you can boot into the OS without [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. I've got 10.6.8 running flawlessly on an old Toshiba C2D but I'd like to find a cheap desktop that that is almost fully compatible with Lion.
  2. manofmany

    What do you recommend? Intel Core Duo

    Awesome. Thanks a bunch!
  3. manofmany

    What do you recommend? Intel Core Duo

    It should be good as the device id is 27A2. As far as retail OSX, would Snow Leopard 10.6.3 suffice? Not sure I'm going to be a fan of Lion.
  4. I've tried iAtkos L1 using -v -x and it loads a ton of kexts and always goes to a blank screen. Do I need to add a kext to my files or should I try another version? This is on a Toshiba Satellite P205-S6307.
  5. I've changed locations and now need to get my Ethernet card working. I installed tulip.kext in 10.5.4 and it has the correct device/vendor info inside. However, I've ran dmesg and it doesn't seem to be initializing. I read somewhere that this kext was primarily for tiger but also works with Leopard. What should I try to do to get it to load and recognize my PCI card?
  6. I've tried natit, nkush, and macvidia. None of these work. Most get to where it loads the driver and my monitor blanks and says input signal out of reach. I've tried -x and several graphics modes to no avail. Also tried what another guy suggested and no luck. Either freezes as the dsmos section or give me the input signal out of reach. Using 10.5.4
  7. manofmany

    Windows 7 and Mac Drive

    MacDrive runs but doesn't recognize my HFS+ partition under Windows7 either.
  8. I need a USB drive to to burn CD's and DVD images since my SATA drive won't burn. Any cheap yet reliable recommendations you know will work?
  9. manofmany

    Upgrading from Leo4AllV3

    What would be my best bet? I'd really like to upgrade from 10.5.2 but am not sure which route is the best to take, if any. You can see in my sig that I am running on an AMD system
  10. I cannot burn period with this driver either on my HP. Anyone had success or have any solutions?
  11. manofmany

    MB110LL/A Thin Apple USB Keyboard

    Hmm mine has enough power to run 2 flash drives, just tested it. Didnt try my mouse though. Not sure if it depends on the board or what. I now have 12 USB slots and like 10 are used.
  12. manofmany

    MB110LL/A Thin Apple USB Keyboard

    Got one on ebay for $42 shipped. Plugged it in, turned on the computer and realized it wouldnt work with my Vista bootloader. Disabled PS2 mouse and enabled USB Legacy Mode and it now works great USB ports are powerful enough for my flash drives. Love me new mini voyager and this keyboard
  13. manofmany

    Burning via Sata DVD drive

    Which option should I look for? Unfortunately my bios is not very customizable at ALL. Any other solutions or suggestions? How about burning via Nero through Crossover?
  14. Or some other Windows emulator program using my Sata DVD drive. Is that a possibility? The only thing my OSX install lacks is burning capability (dvd/cd) because of my sata drive and QE/CI due to my terrible onboard 6150LE card. Just wondering if I could install and use Nero to record CD'S or burn images using it through Crossover?
  15. manofmany

    Help me hack Nvidia drivers (for shared memory users)

    Don't believe anything came of it. Still no QE/CI on my 6150LE but got my 1680x1050 res