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Help on evga 7600 GS 256MB PCI E card please


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I finally got LEOPARD 10.5.5 installed on my system from the ORIGINAL LEOPARD DVD. Everything is working perfect I did all the apple updates from the software update all the security patches and iTunes pretty much everything.


for the life of me I can figure out how to make my video card see the quartz extreme and the Ci. I tried everything I can’t figure this out. My screen size is perfect everything works great I just need to figure out how to make the dam thing work.


if anyone with similar card can please tell me where I can get the files or how I can install the right kext to make this work it would be much appreciated thanks in advance






Now im stock on a black screen with my mouse that’s all I see. It goes to blue screen and then back to the back screen with the mouse and that’s it I don’t see anything or can do anything. I cant figure out how to get back in to delete the natit to kext files I put in the extensions folder









system setup


e6700 2.66Ghz OC to 3.5GHz STABLE




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