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Solved - Mouse and keybord problems w/iDeneb 1.3 10.5.5 on nforce 590i


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I'm having problems getting my usb mouse and keyboard to work. I'm trying to install iDeneb 1.3 10.5.5 on my computer and what is going on is at the first screen I can see the language selection but I can not move to the next screen because its not seeing my USB Keyboard or mouse. I also tried hooking up a PS/2 Key board and mouse with no luck. If any one has a solution for this or could point me into the right direction it would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.


CPU: AMD64 X2 6000+

Mother Board: EVGA nForce 590i AMD



Video: BFG nVidia 8800 GT OC 512MB





I was finally able to get a keyboard and mouse to work. Here is what I did.


1. I installed the latest bios update.

2. Disabled USB Keyboard and Mouse support in BIOS

3. Used a PS/2 Keyboard and mouse.


Then I was able to use a keyboard and mouse inside the installer.

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Try another ISO like the Jas 10.5.4 see if you get any luck. Then after that follow the Mysticus C guide to update to 10.5.5. Is very simple =]

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