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MacBook Pro Replaced With New MacBook Pro

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Any opinions on this would be great.


Had my 2.5Ghz MacBook Pro, refurb bought 4 months ago from Apple online, replaced today with a new MBP, had a screen issue with the previous which they could not fix after changing the display and the logic board.


They have given me the closest in terms of price to what I had. But some specs are lower, not sure by how much though in real world terms.



2.5Ghz 6Mb Level 2

8600 512Mb Graphics Card

250Gb HDD

2Gb Ram DDR2



2.4Ghz 3mb Cache

9400M & 9600M GT 256Mb Graphics

Same hard Drive

2 Gb Ram DDR 3


I did query the differences in store, the apple tech said the graphics would be better in the new.


I tried to push for the 2.53 MBP but was told they could just order me a new one of the old MBP I had.


Was I right in taking the new design MBP?

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Cheers, wasn't too sure about how much the cache levels would effect CPU performance, and obviously the old graphics card had twice the ram the new one does.


So far I'm quite liking the new mbp. Some minor improvements are much appreciated like the light sensor being at the top of the display, and the magnetic closure. Track pad is nice, keep finding my self clicking instead of tapping though, brain still thinks there is a button where it used to be.


It definitely runs cooler, by far in my opinion and possibly quieter in general.


And I don't seem to be having any problem with the screen so far. Was very worried about the glossy screen and reflections.

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