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Dualboot (OSX86 - GUID) / (VISTAX64 - MBR or GPT)

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Hey guys, i just need one help with dualbooting OSX86(IDENEB) + VISTA64


i can make 2 partitions, one GUID and other MBR on PARTITION MAGIC?

and what OS i need to INSTALL FIRST? VISTA64 or OSX86?



i want to use the BOOTLOADER of IDENEB, i think it´s chamaleon.


thanks guys

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my way is to install osx first. You have to create a guid partition table and install osx as normal. If it's done, create another partition on this drive an format it as fat/ntfs. After this, boot vista, format the partition as ntfs and install Vista. When it's done, you will be able to boot vista but you can't see the osx partition at bootloader. It's no problem, install easybcd and add a mac entry. Now you can select windows or osx. If you select the osx entry, it will start boot 132 and you can boot osx as normal. If you want to boot windows, select the windows entry. To use Vista on gpt, you need to have vista sp1 media for installation. This way is for using boot-132 loader and retail osx.



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