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  1. Nobody can shake apple at this moment. The devices which been currently available are scrap. The developer(i mean more the managers) releasing very fast semi-finished devices. Mainly they have that {censored} on the market. Except Galaxy Tab but this is not the same liga. It is too small.
  2. I dont think that Dell want it to fry the motherboard, i think the reason was the flash environement. I flashed from dos but it was a non-ms dos with an unsupported memory driver. I know, this was no good idea but all seems to updated perfect untill shutdown ^^ In my case, I never seen a failed update on a dell machine which failed on a supported environement so i think it was a layer 8 issue by me. The headphone jacks working but there is no autodetection. You have to switch manualy (use an automator script) except the first(or the second) one, it will playing the same as the internal speakers.
  3. Same problem here I flashed the bios to A13 and it fried the motherboard. As i got the motherboard replacement I reflashed again to A13 first and it has worked. I got a brandnew board with fixed nvidia g86 chip. The A13 update is removed from all dell websites and a new bios A14 is released and available! No changes in relation to MacOS. Here the correct audio kexts. They should have much less issues like this from sonotone installer for me. I dont know where I've got them from. Sigmatel9228.zip
  4. I installed first MacOS because you need to configure guid partition table and much later Windows Vista. You dont need to excuse, I'm from Halle/Germany and my English is not much better
  5. Boar xD click Use Google, research this forum and buy a new wlan card!
  6. Hi, you have to create guid partition table, install macos on the first partition and windows vista nativ on the second partition. (You have to create the second partition under macos and format it with fat. You can format this partition with the vista installer as ntfs.) Boot into vista and reactivate the macos partition with diskpart. Boot with your boot 132 cdrom into macos and install pcefi v9. Now you will be able to reboot and select the mac partition or your vista partition. In my case, i installed with chameleon harddrive installer and replaced the /boot file with pcefi v9. It works very well.
  7. 8400m GS 128mb - no QE+CI on 10.5.5

    Maybe you have a kext in you boot 132 Extensions.mkext which make it unworkable? Has the macgirls modified nvinject ever worked for you?
  8. 8400m GS 128mb - no QE+CI on 10.5.5

    I've found your tutorial for this notebook. Maybe there is still another injector like nvkush installed which is in conflict with nvinject from macgirl or your com.apple.Boot.plist contain a gfx string. Try to remove it and check again. What for a rom version can you see in your videocard section from systemprofiler?
  9. 8400m GS 128mb - no QE+CI on 10.5.5

    Hi again, have you repaired the premissions? In which notebook do you have the 8400m gs? In case of this nvinject and a XPS m1330 you dont need to edit any kext.
  10. 8400m GS 128mb - no QE+CI on 10.5.5

    Hi, have a look at this http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=897593 Regards
  11. I think that openMark/xbench/opengl extensions viewer is not the best benchmark so try some games free opengl games like Nexuiz or Sauerbraten(identical issue with commercial games like spore or c&c) with identical videosettings and you will see that you receive much better performance with both old kexts (NVDAResman.kext, NVDANV50Hal.kext) from leo grafikupdate 1.0. The difference is betwen 'definitive' unplayable to good playable. In both case the sleeptrick is used and ogl extensions viewer show ever the same results with ~800 point except the last test with ~50 points. Nexuiz deliver a possibility to perform a benchmark. Look at this link. http://imbacore.blogspot.com/2008/09/nexui...-benchmark.html I'm currently on my work so i cannot start benchmarks yet to visualize the performance differences. Edit: Okay, i have tested this benchmark but i cannot determine a performance difference but it is still there in some titels like spore or sauerbraten. Maybe this games using other opengl revisions depending of used videodriver and the capabilities of these so maybe there is no performance issue?
  12. Hi macgirl, I use a time the nvinject, which you have posted before, under 10.5.5. The performance is only in the opengl extension viewer fast but not in games. Best example is the opensource game sauerbraten for mac. It is very slow with 10.5.5 drivers and your kext. Currently i have installed the injector and two kexts (NVDAResman.kext, NVDANV50Hal.kext) from leopard grafik update 1.0. This give me the best performance in opengl extensions viewer and in all my games. Can you confirm it or do you use another solution to get the best performance? Regards
  13. I use Retail 10.5.5 on a Dell XPS 1330 and since I've installed this loader, i can use hibernation mode 3 without issues. Mode 5 will partially work because if i bring system to hibernation it will write datas to disk but do not turn off. If i manualy turn off and on again it will load the hibernation image and work fine when its done to load this image.
  14. Need Quartz Extreme eneabled - Please help

    Hi, install this package and use efistudio which is contained in this package to add your efi string. http://scottdangel.com/blog/?p=56 Regards
  15. Maybe there is still another incompatible injector installed from your Kalyway setup so look in your extensions folder. If you dont find anything lets show us your kext folder using following command: ls -la /System/Library/Extensions/ > kext. Attach file in your post and it can be reviewed from us. Regards