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Absurdly slow installation


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I'm trying to install JaS 10.4.6 on my TC1100 tablet computer. This version is what other people reported success with.

However, when I try to install, the installer loads at around 5% of its normal speed. It's not getting stuck on anything in particular; it's simply extremely slow. Eventually the installer GUI will load, but it's just as slow. The mouse cursor will move at the normal rate with no lag, but menus and dialog boxes will take a few minutes to fully appear and to respond after buttons have been clicked.

I can get through the entire installer, and after installation the OS doesn't load at all, but I think I could probably fix that if I could resolve this speed problem first.


Has anyone else had a similar issue of extreme slowness or any recommendations to fix it? I know there must be some way to get it to work, since other people with the same system did it successfully. On another laptop I had, OSX would become quite slow when the power was unplugged (even the clock would slow down) until an acpi fix kext was loaded but it's much slower than that in this case.

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