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  1. Nothing at all when you tried to turn it on? Fans/lights? Did you try it with nothing but 1 DIMM / no drives / no extra cards / no case? A lot of people who initially reported problems with this board were having trouble with the memory compatibility, but sometimes it was only the slot position.
  2. I've tried this and it ~.does~ make SLI work. However, you don't want to try it yet. If you load the bios from the SLI version, SLI will be enabled and you'll get some extra bios options like overspeed protection disable. However, you'll also get random crashing. Loading the bios caused me random blue screens regardless of whether or not SLI was actually enabled. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?p=3497444 has the results of someone's testing with the SLI bios. Apparently, after a few days of use it somehow damaged their board and they had to get it replaced. After I began getting BSODs, I flashed my bios back to normal and haven't had any more errors. Also note that we don't know if the Platinum and Platinum SLI do have the same exact components. People have been assuming that they do, because of the photos on the MSI website. But MSI is actually using the exact same image for both products, not two different photos of products that look the same. So everyone has been assuming that the boards are actually physically identical, but I think that there are probably some slight differences but MSI was too lazy to take a different photo. Additionally I haven't even seen the SLI version for sale anywhere, so there's nowhere else to get photos from to compare. Maybe Platinum SLI doesn't actually exist yet and that bios is a beta? It's all pretty strange.
  3. In the bios "cell menu" try disabling the power management settings (eist, c-state). It seems like it may be running in low power mode. I'm still using the 9.4 stagexnu kernel which doesn't need busratio=x and my CPU seems to be running at full speed (Geekbench score 10162, 3.4ghz in BIOS). I think the intel power management (speedstep) only changes multipler (busratio) and voltage, so if CPU-X didn't report a change when you switched it from 133 to 150 it definitely has a problem reading it correctly. What does it say it is in the Geekbench result? Mine is reporting 3.41 correctly.
  4. MSI Platinum 8 cores working! DSDT patcher was successful. The reason it wasn't working before was that I was newbsauce and didn't realize that the version of Chameleon included with iDeneb 1.3 didn't include the modification to look for DSDT.aml. Everything motherboard-related that I've tested so far is working, except for sound. I think there are some specially modified files for the ALC888 made for older MSI boards around somewhere that might work but I haven't tried it yet because my m-audio 2496 PCI card is working with the audio-evolution envy24 driver. The only issue I'm encountering now is with the video card (G92 8800GTS). Strange texture corruption in WoW (the only thing I have to test 3D) where textures/menus are randomly replaced with garbage or stripes. It looks the same as you'd see if the gfx card memory was messed up, but I know this card is perfectly functional in Windows. I've tried nvinject and nvkush and both have the same result. nevermind, also seems to have been fixed by DSDT! palamosteliaro, I was getting the same MAC Framework error until I followed your instructions, which worked perfectly, so it is really strange. You were only doing two things differently: enabling ACPI fix and not enabling ICHx chipset driver. I think it was the ACPI fix that solved it. So, make sure you still have the ACPI fix, and that you didn't change any APIC / ACPI things in the bios.
  5. I think MSI Platinum X58 may have the same ACPI problem as MSI P35 motherboards that made them require a modified BIOS in order to work without cpus=1. However, I don't completely understand that problem/why removing Alias entries with DSDT patcher doesn't fix it. In any case, for anyone considering ordering a Nehalem motherboard for OSX, I think it may be better to avoid MSI for now. If I can't get the cores to work before my return period is up, I might send this back and try another manufacturer.
  6. Following palamosteliaro, I was able to install iDeneb 1.3 on the MSI Platinum X58. install options -acpi fix -jmicron controller -realtek ethernet Using cpus=1 I can boot, and although there are some things to be worked out it functions very well, except for the single core. I tried the DSDT patcher method described earlier, but it didn't seem to do anything. Is there any way I can confirm that the new DSDT.aml is being read? Also, in the dsdt.dsl, I had only 8 processor listings / 8 alias listings instead of 16 processor listings and 8 alias listings as was posted when the procedure with the P6T was described. ideas?
  7. hay, how did you fix the instant reboot when trying to load OSX after installing?
  8. That's not true. I'm using 2x2gb with my 920 right now because it was the best I could get for the money, and it's working in dual channel mode. 2 DIMMs will work in dual-channel mode. 3 or 6 will work in triple-channel. If you have > 3 but less than 6 the memory bandwidth will be triple-channel until the capacity of the first 3 DIMMs is exceeded, and then it will drop to (iirc) single-channel. It will certainly not fail to operate, and memory speed doesn't have a huge effect on many tasks.
  9. G4 conversion - some pointers, guys?

    On my conversion, I placed the power supply in an alternate spot that I haven't seen anyone else use. Instead of placing it in the original location, I put it in the bottom left corner underneath the CD drive bay. The PSU was the type with a 120mm fan on the top, so I cut a rectangle out of the sheet metal of the side of the case for air intake/wiring and then screwed the power supply in place. I wired the power connector to a separate plug epoxied to the original PSU location in the back of the case. The advantage of doing this is that you can use a full size tower heatsink for maximum CPU cooling along with another case fan mounted where the power supply used to be. You have the normal push-pull case airflow and none of your expansion slots are blocked off.
  10. My PC in an Apple PowerMac G4 Case

    It looks like you recessed the motherboard from the back panel by about 2 inches since the corner of the case's metal plate is cut off and the motherboard would extend into the corner area? If that's right, can you access the back panel connections normally? did you move or rebuild the back area to be recessed with the board or leave it in the original place?
  11. My PC in an Apple PowerMac G4 Case

    I built my PC into a G4 case like this, but I used a mATX motherboard because I couldn't see any way to fit a full size ATX motherboard. How did you get Asus Maximus Extreme to fit? I am thinking I will upgrade to an X58 motherboard but they're all ATX. 4850 doesn't work well, btw T_T;
  12. How do I wipe OSX86?

    Specifying the errors you get would help.
  13. I'm trying to install JaS 10.4.6 on my TC1100 tablet computer. This version is what other people reported success with. However, when I try to install, the installer loads at around 5% of its normal speed. It's not getting stuck on anything in particular; it's simply extremely slow. Eventually the installer GUI will load, but it's just as slow. The mouse cursor will move at the normal rate with no lag, but menus and dialog boxes will take a few minutes to fully appear and to respond after buttons have been clicked. I can get through the entire installer, and after installation the OS doesn't load at all, but I think I could probably fix that if I could resolve this speed problem first. Has anyone else had a similar issue of extreme slowness or any recommendations to fix it? I know there must be some way to get it to work, since other people with the same system did it successfully. On another laptop I had, OSX would become quite slow when the power was unplugged (even the clock would slow down) until an acpi fix kext was loaded but it's much slower than that in this case.
  14. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    Has anyone tried Radeon 4800 series yet?
  15. Work x1950gt pro ! Dev_ID = 0x72801002 and 0x72881002 !

    X1950pro AGP 512mb finally completely working~~! Thank you!