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SSE2 Kernel Ideneb 10.5.5


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Trying to get iDeneb 10.5.5 to work on my older dual opteron rig, using tyan k8w s2885 mainboard and two opteron 248's SSE2. I currently have JAS 10.4.8 + PPF1 PPF2 installed and working even the onboard sata is working.

Is there a way to install a slightly older kernel, or one that is patched for older SSE2 systems onto the 10.5.5 install from 10.4.8 so that I wont get rebooted when I boot up? If so what kernel do I need and where do I download it at?


Any advice to the situation is much apreciated.



I think the problem has to do with EFI based kernel perhaps but I am not sure.


Edit 2:

Nevermind I have found what I was looking for finally, but I have decided to give up on that particular pc with osx86.

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