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  1. Do you both have it working on boot, as I can only get thinking going by loading the kext manually after boot.
  2. 3ware 9650SA-4L LSI3ware9000.kext crash

    Ok thanks all. I've been googling for a few days and haven't found a solution. Tried codeset 10.2 and upgraded my firmware and still the same issue. I am running a highpoint card in my other server and as you say, not the fastest, but solid and its runs ootb with Yosemite. Will move this to my Unraid box and get the Megaraid back and try the user led dev drivers. Thanks
  3. 3ware 9650SA-4L LSI3ware9000.kext crash

    Thanks for the response styrian. I hadn't updated from Mountain Lion to Mavericks so didn't realise it had issues. I presume you didn't find a workaround based on your annoyance with the manufacturer? I'll google for the binpatch thanks.
  4. Hi there Long shot, but wondered if anyone else was having the crash issue with the LSI3ware9000.kext under Yosemite public beta? Near perfect build except for this issue, if anyone has the same or similar issue? cheers
  5. DarwinDumper

    Nice job, thanks
  6. Ok thanks will take a look. Have audio working on 2050 previously, but not HDMI audio; is that still not going to work? Cheers
  7. Out of interest why? I've just got it working on my hd3000 rig and was going to try this one again with my new knowledge Is it a waste of time ?
  8. Check for Hardware Video Acceleration capabilities

    Interesting, do you think there will be a list supported in some plist somewhere?
  9. Check for Hardware Video Acceleration capabilities

    Is this a simple fix to get these cards to work? Or will they never work? Thanks
  10. Check for Hardware Video Acceleration capabilities

    1) The hardware does not support accelerated video services required for hardware decode. VDADecoderCreate failed. err: -12470 GTS8800 G92 2) MacMini 4,1 is fully supported :-D NVIDIA GeForce 320M
  11. Snow Leopard on Hardware Raid Set (bootable)

    Ok I've emailed them and will see. 9.5.3 doesn't work for me.
  12. AnyiPod for making any USB MP3 player an iPod

    Must product and vendor be specified as an integer or a hex value as you show?
  13. sil3132 driver

    Thanks for the reminder, as I really didn't expect these drivers to get updated, I had stopped looking here! Cheers
  14. Is it working in 64bit mode? Thanks