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OSx86 on my Hardware - wich "OSx86's distro" ?


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About year ago I have installed sucesfully 10.4.8 on my Acer Notebook (there was lot to do 'cause my network cards and sound weren't working), but now I have bought a new PC and I want to install Leo on it. My config is E3110 @ 4GHz, EP35-DS3 (but I'm on buying Asus Maximus Formula II), 4 Gigs od RAM, 500GB HD and GTX 260. I know there still doesn't exist driver for my card so I will buy 7900GS. My main question is wich Leo should I download (10.5.4 JaS, 10.5.2 Kalyway ?) and what should I choose durning installation to have sound, network etc. and to be able to update system through SU (I know i need Vanilla kernel but there's many of them). Which drivers aren't included with Leo and where I should download them ?


If you can, write "tutorials" for both MOBOs (Gigabyte and Asus).


And please don't delete this topic, because I have serched and I didn't found situation like mine (most mobos form Gig I found were EP35-DS3L), and I don't have much time to serach more.


PLS help ;)

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