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Installing 10.5.4 on extended partition


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The situation is follow:

I already have MBR-partitioned HDD with 2 copy of WindowsXP and Tiger 10.4.9 on one of primary partition.

I have 10Gb logical partition in Extended.

So installation of EFI is impossible.

I did several attempts with different distr including Leo4allv3, JaS 10.5.4 and iDened 10.5.4. No success.

The success in follow.

1. I made copy of (mach_kernel.StageXNU + AppleACPIPlatform+system.kext from JaS) as most working kernel for my case.

2. Install iDeneb 10.5.4 until first restart.

3. First restart go to grey screen with live mouse. :(

4. Boot into Tiger.

5. Replace in my installation the kernel and kexts mentioned above.

6. Replace AppleSMBIOS.kext to Tiger's version 1.0.1. It is the version that compatible with my Darwin bootloader provided by Tiger.

7. Replace ApplePS2Controller.kext to working version because I have PS2 keyboard and USB mouse.

8. Reboot into Leo. Yes! Registration successful! :thumbsup_anim:


9. For my GA-965P-S3 I also need patched

ALCiject.kext+AppleHDA.kext for sound


corrected NDVAResman.info.plist to my nVidia 7300LE (0x01d110de)

AppleVIAATA.kext for IDE DVD on SATA JMicron (IOPCICLassMatch 0x01018500)

AppleYukon.kext to match my NIC (0x436411ab)

I am writing the message from the Leo


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