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I need help with getting MSI US54SE II usb wifi to work


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I have made an successful installation of kalyway 10.5.2 on my pc. Everything works but not the wifi due to that i have an intel wireless card in my laptop.


Therefore I bought a wireless usb adapter (MSI US54SE II) which is supposed to be supported by HCL 10.5.2 Hardware List.


I install the drivers from Realtek on my hard drive. After installation the computer restarts as it should and loads up. The Realtek Usb WLAN client Utility that comes with the driver bounces for some seconds in the dock then it stops responding.



Tthe adapter is recognized as a usb device in system information but does not work as an internet card.


edit: I heard about that to get the Realtek Utility to work I have to manually set up the device ID in the utility programs info.plist file.

Is this correct and could maybe someone guide me through this step?

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