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Mac OS X Improperly Reading Disk Space


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Mac OS X is reading my disk space improperly.


I should have about 11 GB free space and instead Mac OS shows me I have only 1.92 GB available.


I started a download today with Transmission. Size - 10.5 GB.


When I use Get Info on the file's folder, Mac OS shows me the folder is as big as 10.5 GB.


Transmission on the other hand shows me it has downloaded only 500 MB out of the total 10.5 GB and warns me I am running out of space.


Help me fix this, please.

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Thank you for your reply, aaronz8.


Here is the exact message Transmission shows me.




Finder now shows me I have only 1.01 GB available space.

However, the file is now at 74.53% complete and things are running smooth so far.


I am still worried why Transmission is telling me it needs more disk space.


Tell me, please, why this is happening and how I can fix it.

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