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AD1988 All ports recognized, no 5.1


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Ok, this is the situation!


AMD 6000+

Asus M2N32 Sli Deluxe

Nvidia Geforce 9800GTX


I got my mac up and running fine and fast.

Network, wireless works out of the box

Graphics, updated few kexts, used various methods, and all works now (wonder what did it xD)

Audio, well here is the problem!

After lots of trying, i got Leopard to accept all my ports!

Which means: Frontal OUT

Back OUT

Bass/center OUT

Another out for a 7.1 configuration

Digital IN

Line IN

Microphone IN


he finds and plays all of them!

But, when i start MIDI-configuration

He sees all of them ass separate channels!!

I want 5.1 audio not stereo going out ONE of the channels

Anybody had any ideas?

if you need more info, let me here it!


Thanx in advance!

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a lot of ideas

but 1st i need to ask u something.

u say "After lots of trying, i got Leopard to accept all my ports!"

what did u changed?

are your inputs/outputs like this?

post-59183-1224284802_thumb.png post-59183-1224284823_thumb.png

which AppleHDA.kext u have used? or witch method


post plz those 2 screenshots with input/output and also share your kext i want to try



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Howdy, I have almost exactly the same problem as you. I have an asus p5b-deluxe motherboard with the AD1988B sound chip. I have my entire sound system setup around getting the PC audio to use the coaxial digital output but I have not yet managed to pull it off. I feel like I am close though, I got it to the point where there was an option for digital out, but no 'output control'. I have been reading up a storm but am still too big a newbie overall to see exactly what I am missing.


It gets really confusing with the Azalia stuff, the Taruga installers and patchers, ect. I have seen enough hints that it can work that I am not going to be able to rest till it does. lol. I am not sure but I think my mistake might have been trying too many different potential solutions, I worry now that one of them is incompatible with making it work. I might have to give a fresh install a go, but I would prefer to avoid that if possible. If anyone has any suggestions or links I would love to check them out. It is really tough to decipher which posts are talking about getting sound at all vs getting digital sound working, that is what lead to some my my initial missteps. If I figure it out I will be sure to post something, this forum has provided me with many answers already and is a hugely appreciated resource.



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