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Bootcamp Vista Partition in Fusion 2 real easy

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This might be old but there is a real easy way to fix the boot error, when trying to boot up your Vista partition that VMWARE Fusion 2.0 detects as Bootcamp partition.


Start the Bootcamp partition in vmware.

Hit F2 and tell vmware bios to boot from dvd.

Boot up the Vista Install dvd.

Choose language etc til you reach the tool menu.

Just choose the first option to repair vista startup.


This wont touch the real partition, it will only make changes to the vmware files.


Then you can use the partition that vmware detects as bootcamp partition.


There is a similar way for xp to. But involves to run those commands after booting for xp install disc.


chkdsk /r /f


bootcfg /rebuild


Hope this help someone, im sure its old news but anyway.

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I installed XP Pro on a extra HHD someone gave me, the next time I opened VMWare it had a "Boot Camp Partition" on the menu of OS'es, so i double clicked on it(naturally) and it asked me for my Root password and proceeded to activate this drive as part of my list! I currently run it as a VMware drive or when hacking Nokias or BIOS'es I reboot to it natively!



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I don't touches my xp partition but i works like boot camp in real osx ?


so i can work with my xp partiton but without any changes after shutdown bootcamp and boot to my real xp ?


If you do it this way, it shouldent do anything to the real patition. It just changed the vm file with patition info for vmware fusion.

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When I try to repair with the Vista disk, I get an error saying that my system can not be repaired, in the error log, there is a driver error.


I would really love to get this to work, instead of having to install a second version of Windows. I have a vanilla 10.5.5 install which is working well with GUID partition.


Any suggestions?

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