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Self asigned IP causing time machine issues!


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I've had to reinstall Leopard. I then transfered files from a TM backup.


Previously to get time machine working I need an en0 device listed in network prefs. This was my mobile phone (which i needed to plug in to get time machine to find the backup volume). I also needed this in and registered as en0 for the program Soho notes to work. My previous research suggests this is because these programs identify the machine by using the mac address created by the En0 device.


However upon reinstall My phone registerers as En0 but comes up with 'Self asigned ip address' which it did not do before and now Time machine and Soho notes both again do not work and give the same errors as i would normally get when the phone is not plugged in.


I had this problem the last time I reinstalled, I fixed it somehow but I forget and can't seem to find the soultion this time!

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