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OSX on 780i system

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Hey guys


I want to setup OS X on my 780i based system. I'm a big fan and love it on my macbook. With the specs listed below, which "flavor" of hackintosh should I get, and do I need to do anything additional?


CPU: Quad Q9450

MOBO: evga 780i

Ram: 8GB

Video: 9800GTX SLI (It doesn't really matter if it actually uses SLI, I just want the main card to be accelerated)

Lan: Bultin nForce

Sound: Builtin HDA Audio



What are your thoughts?

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hey tiburon, I see that noone ever answerd this question, I too I am looking to do the same on my 780i mobo.


Check out my Leopard on Series 7 nForce chipset + Intel CPU MOBO topic here........and also my blog entries.......it may help you get OS X running on your system....... :D

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