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Which Release would be fit the best to my system


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I browsed the wiki, the forums and some other sources and I think my hardware configuration is quite compatible with OSX (except the graphic card) and since I like to have as less unnessesary drivers and stuff in my system as possible I am thinking about the right release for me to install. But heres the system first:


Intel C2D E7200

Gigabyte EP-35 DS3 Rev. 2.1

4GB OCZ DDR1000 Ram

ATI HD3450 (I hope to find a solution for this one, otherwise I will get another card)

Samsung 1TB SATA Harddrive


LianLi internal CardReader (says its OSX compatible on the box)

(Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-HD-S2 TV Card ---> I know this will never ever work on a hackintosh so this will hopefully be the only reason to keep Windows on the other HD) :)


There are two things I am especially concerned about. It would be really sad if one of these wouldn't work since its really important to me.

1. The sleep-mode: Under Windows Vista I am only using Suspend-to-Ram with my computer and I already got used to continue work in just 2 secs and it would be a shame if I had to wait for OSX to start up all the time.

2. The 5.1 sound. I heard that this makes a lot of problems on most PC's. But since I have a very nice 5.1 surround system I would be really interessted in getting that to work somehow.



So what do you think about the configuration and the best release for me? I don't want to have more stuff packed into the release than necessary and I even thought about trying out an vanilla installation. Do you think that could work out?

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