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Can this change? (among a lot of others!?)


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i'm sick of this, it's like ok apple made such a good os but some things drive me crazy


i don't want to make the font smaller! i don't want to destroy my eyes

i don't want to click on this file and press space for quick look...

i don't want to click on this file and press enter so it will show the full name

i just want it to remove the "..." and display the FULL name of the file, i don't care how many lines it will be

or at least to give me the choise to decide how i'd like it it to displayed

i guess it's not possible?

yes i know ...a lot of coding, maybe i take it through the next software update.. (lol. should i switch back to xp? :( )


and there are more i have in my mind that i don't understand why apple don't fix them or at least give user a choice!

and those examples are not about hackintosh are about what i don't like if i would be a future apple buyer


another one:

right click on a file that is at a fan/grid stack to show the menu: You can't


and the most important... sort out correctly, like XP (first the folders, then the files by type and all this sort by name)


so difficulT?

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