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i have googled quite a lot about this laptop but i haven't found anything interesting.


I have to provide an install for leopard for Toshiba M800 10A but i cannot really try on it,

i explain, i'm in France and i gotta install it on a laptop which is in New Calédonia :) (thanks Teamviewer :) )


So i need to know if there are any chances to make it working. So about the laptop i've only those info:


Core 2 duo t5750

3 Go DDR

320 Go SATA II

Chipset Intel GM965

Graphic card Intel GMA X3100


I guess a release like ideneb V1.1 would work but i don't know anything about the GM965 and the GMAX3100 (i think this one should work)


In fact i need a software for windows which will tell me exactly what is the harware in the laptop. Because i don't know what is the sound card (ALC???)

I also don't know if i gotta chose ICH fixed or jMicronATA,....


So if some of you could help me or give me info about a close configuration, it would be great.


Also if you can tell me which software i can use to identify all the hardware.





edit: I found everest :)

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