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Trouble installing Leo4All 10.5.2v3


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Morning All,


I am trying to install Leo4All 10.5.2 v3 onto my newly created box. I will try to post as much information as possible


I am running a


GF7050V-M7 Biostar Mobo

LGA775 800Mhz FSB


1 SATA DVD Combo Drive

Core 2 Duo E6750

NVIDIA GeForce 7050 Chipset

4 GB DDR2 RAM 800 Mhz

NVIDIA GF 6600 256mb Ram Video Card PCIe

650 Watt Power Supply


I originally installed xp over IDE drivers instead of AHCI on another drive and am in the process of creating a slipstream Disk for that but I am using my secondary drive for my Leopard install.


I loaded the Disk with AHCI enabled and I was able to boot the disk fine. I reformated the HD to MAC OS Extended and selected MBR for my booting as I will be using 2 HD


For my custom options I used the following:

- Kernal: Vanilla Kernal (since I am running an intel processor)

- Chipset: NForce Test ( seemed like the correct one to use?)

- Audio - AzaliaAudio (Default)

- Graphics - NVIDIA (I have a GT 6600 and a 7200 series onboard.....)

- Network - NVIDIA Chipset? = ForceDeth-V


I get through the install with no errors what-so-ever but thatswhen my trouble starts..... I get a bootloader of somekind then I get to a black screen with some commands and it freezes at this point.


The last error I get are:


local host Directory Service431: WARNING - dsTouch: file was asked to be opened </Library/Preferences/DirectoryService/.DSIsRunning>: <File Exists>


local host configd[45]: InterfaceNamer: no network interfaces, could not update plateform UUID


Thx guys and ny thoughts on what im doing wrond here would be much appreciated...



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